Arzu Binnur Kibriscikli-Ozcandarli (Istanbul, 1967) lives and works in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Since 2010, she has followed courses in drawing, painting, and digital image processing at the CKE, the Centrum voor de Kunsten in Eindhoven and at the Wiele in Geldrop.

She likes to experiment with and combine different techniques, usually working towards a preconceived idea that is expressed in a semi-abstract manner.

She participated in the following expositions:


Inspiratie (Inspiration), CKE, Eindhoven

Bodem (Ground), Gallerie Kempro, Sterksel

Woest (Wild), Zomerexpo 2015, Webexposition


Licht (Light), Zomerexpo 2014, Gemeentemuseum den Haag, the Hague

Licht (Light), Zomerexpo 2014, Webexposition

Winter Expo CKE, Eindhoven


Aarde (Earth), Zomerexpo 2013, Salon of the Refused, CKE, Eindhoven


Rariteitenkabinet (Curiosities Cabinet), CKE, Eindhoven

Kleur (Colour), Talens Palet, CKE, Eindhoven

Wintermarkt, de Wiele, Geldrop


Huid (Skin), CKE, Eindhoven

Caesarion by Tommy Wieringa, Talens Palet, CKE, Eindhoven

Ontmoetingen in de Kunst (Meetings in Art), Central Library, Eindhoven